Web design and development

Your website is your digital office showroom and sales desk put together, and I’m your website’s interior designer. My specialty is immersive design – getting visitors to feel like they’re really there at your workspace, and not sitting at home in their PJs.


Custom design started with a PSD. We used WordPress + Avada framework to build the design on WordPress. Avada is one of the best framework for WP and the client was really happy about the final result.

#Wordpress, #Avada


Another Divi + WordPress work. I always love to work with Divi. Client love the final product as it was really easy for him to handle it. He can do changes himself without hassle. Thats the power of WP + Divi combination.

#Divi #Cutom_Design


Custom design built on WordPress using Divi framework from Elegant Themes.

I used Divi page builder plugin to design the pages and used a custom designed WordPress theme.

#Divi_Page_Builder #Custom_Theme


Web design for an Italian restaurant. As Alway, it was a custom design I started with Photoshop. And the final product was on WordPress + Divi from Elegant Themes.

#Divi #Custom_Design #Restaurant_Website


The website is built on WordPress with Avada. Another great WordPress framework. 100% custom design.

#Avada #Custom_Design


This is a custom HTML/CSS work for a special project. Started with a design on Adobe Illustrator as it had lot of graphic/illustrations to be done.
I used Bootstrap for this. Client was really happy about the final result.

#Bootstrap #HTML #CSS


Another custom design on WordPress with Divi.

Additionally I did some graphic works and illustrations with Adobe Illustrator which you can see on the site. Again, 100% happy client at the end.

#Divi_Page_Builder #Custom_Theme


Another custom design on WordPress with Divi.

Had to draw lot of icons for the site which you can see there. Client was really happy about the design and icons.

#Divi #Custom_Design #Custom_Icons

Web Development

Everything from a simple blog to an advanced business website. Not only beautiful, but functional. 

Mainly on Wordpress which is the best CMS (content management system) out there. 


Creative brandings for creative entrepreneurs which reflects who you are and what you love to do. Attracts the right people with a unique brand identity. The most important investment you can make in your business

Need Something Else?

I have many other services which I haven’t listed here. So please get in touch with me if you looking for any other design task done.