Do you ever wanted to test a new theme on your WordPress website? Or a new Plugin?

But we can’t test things on a live site. Some themes can brake the design, some plugin can totally vanish your website. Yes, its true. So how we can test a new theme or plugin? Or how we can test our newly developed WordPress theme?


MAMP is an easy-to-install compilation of Apache, MySQL, and PHP.  Bundled together for Mac or PC. Using MAMP we can install WordPress on our own machine. Most WordPress developers and designers use MAMP for development purposes. However, This is for testing only. You are the only one who can see the site. If you want to have a real website you need to install WordPress on a real server.

I did a short video on how to do that on Mac. But you can use the same method for Windows. Please comment below if you need any help or advice.