Do you ever wanted to disable Trackbacks and Pingbacks on your WordPress blog?

It is really an easy fix. Just go to Settings > Discussion


You can remove the check mark next to ‘Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) on new articles‘. BUT it will only effect on your new articles. So how we can disable Pingbacks and Trackbacks on our older posts? Its also an easy fix, But just few more steps.

Got to Posts > All Posts


Click on ‘Screen Options‘ and on ‘Pagination’ set it to 999 on ‘Number of items per page‘. It will show your all posts if they are less than 999.


Select them all. select ‘Edit‘ in the dropdown menu and ‘Apply‘. It will show you the bulk edit screen for posts.


On ‘Pings’ setting select ‘Do not allow’ and click Update.


Thats it ! But if you have more than 999 posts, go to the next page and do the same again. Finally you have successfully disabled Pingbacks and Trackbacks on all posts of your WordPress blog. Please comment below if you need any advice on this. Always happy to help 🙂