So now we have create a new pod for books and we have added some fields and using the template feature we have placed those fields in to the template and then using frontier auto template feature feature we’v connected the two together. Let’s see how this is going to work on the live site.

Go to Books > Add New


Now you can see how this is working on the backend. This is where you have to add details about the Book. See below the example.


Click on the publish button and look at the preview. Below is how it will look on the live site.pod-on-the-pageCurrently its using the template we created in the previous lesson. we can arrange this to match our needs and modify with CSS.

But, As you can see on the post we are missing some items on post page. We don’t have The Comments section. If you go to the edit section you will notice that Featured Image, Tags, Categories are also missing. If you dig a little deeper you will see that we don’t have revisions and other useful key WordPress features. However Pods allow us to add those back. Lets see how to do it.  Go to edit pods > Advanced Options


As you can see here in the Supports section you can those fields to our post. Lets add below sections to our Books Pod.

Author, Featured Image, Comments and Revisions

in the Built-in Taxonomies section

Categories and Tags

Now Save Pod and go back to the book post we added before.

Now we have all WordPress features on our Books post. But we can choose which WordPress featured to use on our template and show on our web site. At the moment we are missing some parts in the Book post. So lets add some sections to the current pod. Go to Edit Pods and select Book. Add below fields to the Book pod.

1. Book Cover

book cover

2. Price


3. Reviews



Lets add these fields to the template

got Components > Template. click on our Books Template we created before. First things I am going to do is add those new fields to the template. You already know how to do it yourself. Have a look at the example below.


When adding the image you can see that we have options to choose the image size. I have chosen the large size here. Also use your HTML and CSS knowledge to style the template according to your needs. You can add Classes and IDs here and write CSS in the style sheet or custom CSS area of the Theme.

Lets add our new Books to the Home page as Excerpts.

for this we need to create another template. I am not using all details for that but only few items. Here is the template I did for home page books previews.


Select the Books on Pod Reference first.  It will activate auto suggest while typing. I changed the image size to thumbnail for this one. Please update that if you want to show a thumbnail instead a large image on the home page excerpt.

Now lets add the Pod to pods-buttonthe home page. To do that go to the home page editor. You will notice that there is a little icon on the top to add Pod Shortcodes. Click on that button.


It will bring you the following window to create the Pods Shortcode.



Select List Multiple Pods Items as we want to show our new book entries on the home page. Choose the Books Pods and the template we create for the Excerpts. You can limit the post counts by adding the number to the limit section. Also can set the Order. Please visit to the following link to learn more about those.

Click the Insert button and it will add the shortcode to the Page. Then Update the page and this is how it will look on the home page.


Now you know how to create a custom post type with Pods. Its really easy and great way to add some custom things to the website without using any high coding knowledges. We can use this technique to do whatever we want. Try yourself and please use the comments section if you need any help from me.