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How to Install WordPress Locally using MAMP

Do you ever wanted to test a new theme on your Wordpress website? Or a new Plugin? But we can't test things on a live site. Some themes can brake the design, some plugin can totally vanish your website. Yes, its true. So how we can test a new theme or plugin? Or how...

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Showcase your Books with Custom Post Types

Today I am going to tell you how to showcase your books on your wordpress site with Wordpress Custom Post Types. You can replace books with whatever you want. Movies / Products / Anything. First phase : add Custom post type We are going to use a plugin called "Pods"...

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Is your WordPress site Hacked ??

Is your Wordpress hacked? here is how to repair it yourself. But if you are feeling uncomfortable in these kind of backend things, I strongly suggest you to contact a developer to do this. No Matter what CMS/Platform you are using you are vulnerable to hackers. Any...

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How to learn web design & web development

Today I am going to tell you how I became a web designer and developer. I am sure these information will help people who wants to be a web designer or developer. I always like to learn new things and I spend so much time on it. Still I have dedicated about 2 or 3...

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I am the founder of Chili Brandings. I specialise in Wordpress web development and Branding. Enjoy working with small businesses and individuals to grow their business to the next level.