What is Google Analytics and why it is so important for bloggers

If you are a blogger, your main target or the number one goal is to get more traffic and more subscribers. No debate. So here is where Google Analytics come to the scene. You can see below things in detail with a google analytic account.

Who visits my website?

In this section you can find details about your visitors. Where they located, which browser they are using, the device resolution like things. So when you are going to add the next blog post you can consider how you design the page to match with your visitors device resolution.

What do they do when on my website?

Here you can track your visitors. Where they are going, how long they stay on a page.

At what time people visit my website?

You can find the most active hours for your website. So  you can determine the time you are going to post your next blog post

How do people find my website?

In this section you can find how your visitors found you. From Search Engines, Direct Links, Referral links or from another site.

How do people interact with my content?

This section shows how your visitors interact with your blog posts. You can see what percent of the user clicked on which link on your site and much more.

So lets start..

First thing first. Lets create your Google Analytics account. Click here

1. You can sign up with your google account or you can use another email account to create a new account here. Once you do that you will be presented with the following screen.

google Analytics

Next, click on the ‘Sign Up’ button to go to the next step.

2. On the next screen you have to select whether its a website or mobile app. Use the ‘Website’ and fill the details below. You need to enter account name (It will be the Google Analytics profile name for this website), Website name, website’s URL, country, and the time zone.

3. Now you will be presented with your dashboard where you can find your Tracking ID. There are few other ways we can link our WordPress site with this account. But as we are going to do this the easy way, we only need that Tracking ID for now.

tracking code

Next Step..

Lets add the Tracking ID to our WordPress blog

4. Go the the Dashboard > Plugins > Add new. And search for MonsterInsights. This is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. Over 1 million websites use it including big companies like Bloomberg, PlayStation and more. MonsterInsights has both a free version and the Pro version. In this tutorial, I am using the MonsterInsights free version.

Monster Insights Plugin

Install and activate the plugin

5. After activation of the plugin it will add a menu item called “Insights” to the WordPress dashboard menu. You need to visit Insights > Settings to configure the plugin settings. On this screen, you need to click on ‘Authenticate with your Google account’ button

google Analytics

6. Then you will be presented with popup screen which has few steps.

Step #1 : Click Next on the popup box.

google Analytics

Step #2 : Click on the button “Click to get Google Code“. It will ask for your permission to like with the google account.

google Analytics

Step #3 : Click “Allow

google Analytics

Step #4 : Select and copy the code presented on the next screen.

Step #5 : Paste the code you copied.

google Analytics

Step #6 : Select the profile you created on the Google Analytic account and click “Next

google Analytics

Step #7 : You are all set to go! Close the popup box and continue to analyse the website.

google Analytics

Click on Insights > Reports to view details / charts. You can see most of the information just from your WordPress dashboard.