WordPress is the most popular CMS(Content Management System) these days. It’s easy to use and flexible enough for just about anything. That’s the main reason why WordPress has grown so much in popularity. According to a recent survey, WordPress powers 26% of all websites on the internet. You can use WordPress for your business website to find more clients. More leads. More money. Here I am pointing 7 tips to make more from your WordPress website.

1. Select a good Theme

Many WordPress themes come with lots of colors, complex layouts, flashy animations, etc. Sometimes you may need those things, but in most cases you don’t really need all that.

Look for a theme that has a design layout that helps you support your goal. It needs to look good but without compromising on usability and simplicity.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

~ Leonardo da Vinci

2. Get Contact Forms

A phone number on your site may only be answered during business hours. If someone wants to contact you at night or on the weekend, a contact form lets them do that.

You can use one of the below Plugins to add a contact form to your site.

3. Think about SEO

SEO is the most effective way to bring your WordPress business website on top.

WordPress SEO by Yoast is the most popular plugin. It allows you to set up XML map for search engine crawlers, avoid duplicate content, and use SEO techniques like writing content for meta titles and meta tags.

4. Social Sharing

One of the biggest benefits of adding social share buttons is that it can help increase traffic to your site. With so many content options online, it can be hard to get your information read. Simply put, sharing content increases overall traffic. Instead of making it hard for people to share, make it easy by including sharing buttons.

Some great free plugins

5. Newsletter and Blog

Newsletter and blog is the ideal most way to pour your thoughts in and share with your customer base. It helps you establish your business community, introduce new products, send marketing oriented messages, promote your business, reach out new target audiences or simply build customers’ trust in your business.

6. Clean Up Spam

When people visit your website, a lot of factors contribute to build your image including spammers. You lose your credibility when people see spam comments on your website and many non-technical people also believe them to be viruses. Therefore, cleaning up spam comments is as essential as developing your small business website. Spam screening systems like Akismet help you save time by automatically deleting spam comments and posting non-spam content to your website.

7. Regular Backups

Your site is under constant threat of a cyber attack. In fact, the cyber security company Symantec recently reported that nearly a third of all cyber attacks target small businesses. There’s much you can do to defend your site against cyber criminals. But alas, there’s no way to assure that your site is absolutely invulnerable.

Some plugins to make backup easier